Most health systems in the United States are equipped with electronic health records (EHRs), but harnessing their power to improve the delivery and quality of health care continues to be a challenge.

Reporting of Observational Research in Anesthesiology
Article by Jorge Galvez, MD. MBI and Allan Simpao, MD, MBI

Issues related to human subject research in Common Rule are addressed by DBHi Data Privacy Analyst Dianna Reuter and CHOP's Assistant Director of IRB Operations, Heather Cathrall.

DBHi members Pichai Raman (2nd author), Jo Lynne Harenza and Komal Rathi contributed to this publication.

Meet just some of the people who choose to work to advance children's health with informatics.

PHRASE Health helps hospitals ensure that clinical decision support in their electronic health record (EHR) system is being used effectively.

Drs. Adam Dziorny and Mark Mai join DBHi as Clinical Informatics Fellows

The CHOP fellowship is one of only four clinical informatics fellowships focused on pediatrics.

Most physicians want to encourage and support parents who wish to quit smoking, but it doesn’t fit well into our current system.

His thesis focuses on predictive modeling for collaborative pediatric brain tumor research.