Dr. Kai Tan and his team will focus on three subtypes of pediatric malignancies that together account for more than 50 percent of all pediatric deaths from cancer: high-grade glioma, high-risk neuroblastoma, and very high-risk acute lymphoblastic B-cell precursor leukemia.

Jeff Pennington sees a “don’t miss” window opening where CHOP is at the right time with the right tools, infrastructure, people, and skills in place to launch Arcus, an integrated data science platform.

Clinical Informatics dual fellow Adam Dziorny shares why he chose CHOP.

Fellow Adam Dziorny authors this article discussing a novel approach using EHR timestamp data.

DBHi team members Dean Karavite, MS, Naveen Muthu, MD, and Robert Grundmeier, MD contributed to the study.

The Temporal Relationship and Clinical Relevance of "True Positive" Alerts That Precede Critical Deterioration.. Article published in Journal of Hospital Medicine August 2018

DBHi team compares the Workbench and EHR on four dimensions: (1) effectiveness, (2) efficiency, (3) workload, and (4) usability.

CHOP's Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC) Parent Advisory Board gathers input from families to inform the implementation of practice-based studies

Read about current and graduate fellows of the program.

Using EHR's to develop a prediction rule for detecting cases warranting investigation for surgical site infections (SSI) after ambulatory surgery.