DBHi Membership Guide

DBHi Membership:
Membership is achieved through the following mechanisms:

  • Hire or formal transfer into DBHi (includes DBHi administrative support)
    • Staff: Direct reporting relationship to a DBHi-based supervisor
    • Faculty: DBHi-initiated faculty appointment
  • Determination of DBHi Leadership Committee

Criteria for DBHi Membership
Demonstrated commitment to the DBHi mission and vision. Ongoing contribution to DBHi-based research portfolio, capabilities, and Departmental success by:
Pursuing scholarly activities to advance the science of informatics

  • Applying for informatics-based grants as principal investigator with preferential inclusion of DBHi staff and faculty where appropriate.
  • Promoting DBHi research activities through multiple informatics-focused academic output mechanisms such as manuscripts, presentations, panels, posters. etc. where DBHi is listed as an affiliation.
  • Promoting DBHi research activities external to CHOP by serving on informatics-focused panels, committees, etc. using DBHi as an affiliation.
  • Continual and progressive track record of productivity in one or more areas of DBHi mission.
  • Mentoring and counseling more junior members such as students, staff, and more junior faculty.
  • Periodic recruiting of informatics speakers for DBHi educational events.
  • Continual and progressive training within the informatics discipline. Examples include both “hard” (i.e., informatics subspecialty, informatics-related secondary degrees) and “soft” (i.e., DBHi seminar and symposium attendance) training mechanisms.
  • Periodically participating in DBHi faculty and staff recruitment activities such as interviewing, candidate lecture attendance, invited dinner attendance, etc.
  • Participating in departmental strategic assessments, leadership activities, etc.
  • Teaching in informatics section (encouraged)

Benefits of DBHi Membership

  • Office and research space within DBHi suite as space permits
    • Badge access to DBHi spaces
    • Assigned space for members with direct reporting relationship
  • Collaborative access to high volume/performance computational resources and department-backed cloud instances
  • Listing on DBHi website
  • Tangible acknowledgement of informatics professional development through affiliation and departmental growth
  • Contribution to ongoing DBHi strategic planning through participation in committee meetings, review of organizational documents, proposal or review of new initiatives
  • Opportunity to participate on faculty recruitment search committees
  • Opportunity to participate on scientific review activities such as pilot project proposals, manuscripts, etc.
  • Preferential letters of support for principal investigator activities
  • Opportunity to engage in consultative and collaborative work with expert staff for clinical, translational, and bioinformatics research
  • Publicity of informatics-related successes, manuscripts, faculty seminars, etc.
  • Informatics educational event production, including pre- and post-production including video production and posting on YouTube
  • Facilitation of informatics-related commercialization activities
  • Facilitation of informatics-related press interviews
  • Access to informatics department career ladders and job descriptions

To apply for an Membership in DBHi, please review our application process..