Lingyun (Helen) Shi

Lingyun (Helen) Shi, MS
Data Scientist
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Helen is a DBHi Data Scientist in Rich Tsui’s informatics lab, working extensively on several of Rich’s projects. She has served as a lead systems developer on the SHARP project, where she developed the data warehouse and data analysis module providing real-time readmission risk assessment. She also led development efforts on the customized cTAKES pipeline, a clinical natural language processing system with tailored text preprocessing modules, data dictionaries, and annotators for various data mining projects. She has also led the design and development of a comprehensive data repository for the integration of hospital and public health records to predict and model county-wide infant mortality rates. Helen will be continuing her lead development and analysis roles here at CHOP in a collaborative effort between Rich and Hospital IS’ Enterprise and Analytics Reporting group. Helen holds a Master’s in Information Science and Technology from Pitt and a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a minor in Artificial Intelligence from Central South University in China. She received the Pitt Innovation Award in 2016.