All DBHi personnel are exclusively funded as participants on grants and other awards in a "% effort" capacity. This mechanism allows us to maximize our strong collaborative approach and grow our capabilities over time, both in terms of scientific endeavor and financial sustainability.

We understand the need for informatics support for smaller tasks and grant preparation activities. We would like to remind our clients of the mechanisms that can be used in these cases.

  • Consultative Services: All DBHi individuals are accessible by email, phone, or office visit to speak with investigators about informatics issues pertaining to their research.
  • Grant Preparation: We offer grant preparation support with the expectation that our staff will be included on the grant to cover substantial informatics activities during the award period.
  • Division or Department Support: A percentage of an FTE can be retained for a specified period of time via cost transfer between the researcher's division/department and DBHi. This would allow the individual to support various members of that division/department under a governed arrangement.
  • Other Service Providers: There are other service providers available to CHOP researchers for reasonable hourly fees.

Hourly fee-based services cannot be accepted by DBHi staff at this time.

Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the supervisor for a specific DBHi unit or to Mark Porter, Director of DBHi Operations.

In addition to funding, we expect projects to meet basic requirements found in this Memorandum of Understanding.