The Departments of Biomedical and Health Informatics and Pediatrics is pleased to welcome our 2020 Clinical Informatics Fellows.

Leah Carr, MD

Leah Carr, MD became interested in clinical informatics during her medical education and pediatrics residency as well as through her Neonatology Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Through these experiences, she began to see the ability of clinical informatics to make a systems-level impact on medical care. She sought out ways to help improve work flow in her various roles so that more time could be spent on quality patient care. This ultimately led Leah to work on a patient safety checklist project that resulted in a significant improvement in compliance. She is in the process of translating this patient checklist tool into the EHR and looks forward to furthering her informatics knowledge under the direction of the clinical informatics faculty offered through the fellowship. Leah holds her MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and is undertaking her residency in pediatrics at Seattle Children’s/University of Washington Medical Center.

Ian campbell, MD

Ian Campbell, MD's interest in Clinical Informatics came about through observing shortfalls in precision medicine that he believes can be improved through changes in the electronic health record. Ian envisions developing a framework for holding and processing a patient’s genomic data that goes beyond the current model where most clinically applicable genomic data is stored in PDF documents within the electronic health record, making processing of the data computationally impractical. Ian looks forward to working with various faculty through the Clinical Informatics Fellowship and honing his health informatics skills in order to help him carry out his vision for improving patient care. He received his MD/PhD through Baylor College of Medicine.