In 2015, then CHOP Clinical Informatics fellows, Drs. Naveen Muthu and Marc Tobias, embarked on innovative research in clinical decision support (CDS). The initial work facilitated public health advisories and earned several awards including the Health 2.0 Closing the Data Divide Challenge and a Phase 1 Winner of the HHS Provider User-Experience Challenge. Their iterative exploration culminated in a platform that drives improved processes through the analysis and management of electronic CDS like alerts and order sets. Fast forward to today, the former informatics fellows continue to collaborate around driving better clinical decision making.

The CDS evaluation technology was spun-out of CHOP in 2019 as a stand-alone company, Phrase Health. The platform, which started as an informatics research initiative, is now deployed at several health systems around the country. Despite separation of the company from CHOP, the former fellows continue their research collaboration. Along with former CHOP Clinical Informatics fellows, Drs. Daria Ferro and Evan Orenstein, Tobias and Muthu authored a paper reviewing an operational maturity model for CDS. The team, more recently, was awarded an STTR grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the connection between electronic health record interventions and quality measures. The proposed methodology of the NIH grant has flexed DBHI’s informatics and human factors expertise to conduct user interviews in order to solicit feedback. At the same time, the Phrase Health design and engineering experts have produced effective and engaging dashboards. Findings from their Phase 1 grant are in press and the team is pursuing further support from a Phase 2 STTR grant.