The Arcus Education Team is rolling out an ambitious schedule of live online training on a variety of fascinating data science topics for all lab staff to take advantage of during the lab shutdown at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.

Beginning at noon March 18, the Arcus Education team will provide useful introductions to computational and quantitative skills successful researchers need develop to conduct reproducible research: Think Python for absolute beginners, learning about stats in R, an intro to NLP on CHOP clinical notes, and similar courses.

Speakers include Arcus educators, other Arcus staff, and guests (maybe you?) doing some off-the-cuff training (not polished perfection). The team welcomes friendly peers interested in teaching a topic.

Visit to find a link to the Arcus Education team’s Event Calendar and view upcoming sessions.

Want to suggest a topic or teach a skill? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..