Management and Operations

Colleen GaynorColleen Gaynor
Outreach Specialist

Hannah GormanHannah Gorman
Resource Coordinator

Kelli Moore-WynnKelli Moore-Wynn
Sr. Resource Coordinator

Mark Porter, MSMark Porter, MS
Director of Operations

Melanie Swan, MPHMelanie Swan, MPH
Program Manager

Donna VitoDonna Vito
Outreach Manager

Bryan A. Wolf, MD, PhDBryan A. Wolf, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Translational Informatics

Aaron BrowneAaron Browne
Data Integration Analyst

Asif Chinwalla, MS, MBAAsif Chinwalla, MS, MBA
Head of Scientific Computing

Alex Felmeister, MSAlex Felmeister, MS
Supervisor, Enterprise Informatics

Brian FolkBrian Folk
Systems Analyst

Suzanne GeraceSuzanne Gerace
Research Informatics Analyst/Programmer

Alexander Gonzalez, MSAlexander Gonzalez, MS
Data Integration Analyst

Edward KrauseEdward Krause, MS
Data Integration Analyst

Dean Karavite, MSDean Karavite, MS
Principal Human Computer Interaction Specialist

Lena KushleyevaYelena Kushleyeva
Research Informatics Programmer

Jeffrey Miller, MASJeffrey Miller, MAS
Supervisor, Clinical Decision Support

Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy
Research Informatics Programmer

Jeffrey PenningtonJeffrey Pennington
Sr. Director, Translational Informatics

Tyler RiveraTyler Rivera
Research Informatics Programmer

Byron RuthByron Ruth
Supervisor, Applications Research

Jerry ShaefferJerry Shaeffer, MS
Research Informatics Programmer

William StruebingWilliam Struebing
DevOps Engineer

Jeritt ThayerJeritt Thayer
Research Informatics Programmer

Remo WilliamsRemo Williams, MS
Research Informatics Programmer

Data Science

Daniel ForsythDaniel Forsyth
Data Scientist

Aaron Masino, PhDAaron Masino, PhD
Supervisor, Research Data Science

Xueqin Pang, PhDXueqin Pang, PhD
Data Scientist

Ting Qian, PhDTing Qian, PhD
Data Scientist


Mark Diltz, EdDMark Diltz, EdD
Principal, Informatics Education

Anthony Luberti, MDAnthony Luberti, MD
Medical Director, Informatics Education


Anthony CrosAnthony Cros, MS
Bioinformatics Engineer

Noor Dawany, PhDNoor Dawany, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist

Batsal Devkota, PhDBatsal Devkota, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist

Perry Evans, PhDPerry Evans, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist

Hossein Fazelinia, PhDHossein Fazelinia, PhD
Research Scientist

Katharina HayerKatharina Hayer
Bioinformatics Scientist

Karthik KalletlaKarthik Kalletla
Research Informatics Programmer

Ramki Rajagopalan, MSRamki Rajagopalan, MS
Bioinformatics Scientist

Pichai Raman, PhDPichai Raman, PhD
Supervisory Bioinformatics Scientist

Komal Rathi, MSKomal Rathi, MS
Bioinformatics Scientist

Deanne Taylor, PhDDeanne Taylor, PhD
Director, Bioinformatics

Michael Xie, PhDMichael Xie, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist

Shiping Zhang, PhDShiping Zhang, PhD
Bioinformatics Engineer

Zhe (Jim) Zhang, PhDZhe (Jim) Zhang, PhD
Bioinformatics Scientist

Data Reporting and Management

Lou Bell, MDLou Bell, MD
Medical Director, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Evanette BurrowsEvanette Burrows
Information Analyst

Diego CamposDiego Campos, MS
Information Analyst

Marianne Chilutti, MSMarianne Chilutti, MS
Manager, Data Management

Jesse DudleyJesse Dudley
Information Analyst

Alex Fiks, MDAlexander Fiks, MD
Associate Medical Director, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Robert Grundmeier, MDRobert Grundmeier, MD
Director, Clinical Informatics

James Massey, RNJames Massey, RN
Manager Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Valerie McGoldrick, RNValerie McGoldrick, RN
Research Nurse Coordinator, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Jeremy Michel, MDJeremy Michel, MD
Clinical Informaticist

Matthew Miller, MSMatthew Miller
Information Analyst

Svetlana Ostapenko, MSSvetlana Ostapenko, MS
Information Analyst

Mark RamosMark Ramos
Information Analyst