Management and Operations

Bryan A. Wolf, MD, PhDBryan A. Wolf, MD, PhD 215-590-2869
Chair, Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Mark Porter, MSMark Porter, MS 267-426-9348
Director of Operations

Donna VitoDonna Vito 267-426-7522
Outreach Manager

Kelli Moore-WynnKelli Moore-Wynn 215-590-2857
Program Coordinator

Colleen GaynorColleen Gaynor 267-426-0670
Outreach Specialist

Application Development

Jeffrey PenningtonJeffrey Pennington 267-426-7526
Director, Translational Informatics

Alex Felmeister, MSAlex Felmeister, MS 267-426-7528
Enterprise Informatics Supervisor

Dean Karavite, MSDean Karavite, MS 267-426-7805
Lead Human Computer Interaction Specialist

Aaron Masino, PhDAaron Masino, PhD 267-426-9148
Principal Information Scientist

Jeffrey MillerJeffrey Miller 267-426-7527
Lead Analyst/Programmer

LeMar Davidson, MSLeMar Davidson, MS 267-426-7422
Senior Analyst/Programmer

Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy 215-590-0471
Lead Analyst/Programmer

Donald NaegelyDonald Naegely 267-426-4916
Lead Analyst/Programmer

Byron RuthByron Ruth 267-426-7523
Lead Analyst/Programmer

Aaron BrowneAaron Browne 267-426-4904
Data Integration Analyst

Tyler RiveraTyler Rivera 267-426-5691

Jeritt ThayerJeritt Thayer 215-590-2604


Anthony Luberti, MDAnthony Luberti, MD 215-590-2290
Medical Director, Informatics Education

Mark Diltz, EdDMark Diltz, EdD 267-426-2775
Manager, Informatics Education

Levon Utidjian, MDLevon Utidjian, MD
Clinical Informatics Post Doctoral Trainee

Genome Analysis

Juan Perin, MSJuan Perin, MS 267-426-7274
Associate Bioinformatics Scientist

Zhe (Jim) Zhang, PhDZhe (Jim) Zhang, PhD 267-426-7021
Bioinformatics Scientist

Pichai Raman, MSPichai Raman, MS 267-426-7172
Bioinformatics Scientist

Michael Xie, PhDMichael Xie, PhD 267-426-0675
Associate Bioinformatics Scientist

Ariella Sasson, PhDAriella Sasson, PhD 267-426-9375
Bioinformatics Scientist

Perry Evans, PhDPerry Evans, PhD 215-590-7199
Bioinformatics Scientist

Noor Dawany, PhDNoor Dawany, PhD 267-426-7172
Bioinformatics Scientist

Jeremy Leipzig, MSJeremy Leipzig, MS 267-426-1375
Senior Data Integration Analyst

Data Reporting & Mgmt

Robert Grundmeier, MDRobert Grundmeier, MD 215-590-5241
Director, Clinical Informatics

Lou Bell, MDLou Bell, MD 215-590-2195
Medical Director, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Alex Fiks, MDAlexander Fiks, MD 267-426-2304
Co-Medical Director, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Marianne Chilutti, MSMarianne Chilutti, MS 267-426-2912
Manager, Data Management

James Massey, RNJames Massey, RN 267-426-5167
Director, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Valerie McGoldrick, RNValerie McGoldrick, RN 267-426-0654
Research Nurse Coordinator, Pediatric Research Consortium (PeRC)

Svetlana Ostapenko, MSSvetlana Ostapenko, MS 267-426-2484
Information Analyst

Mark RamosMark Ramos 267-426-2458
Information Analyst

Diego CamposDiego Campos, MS 267-426-9362
Information Analyst

Evanette BurrowsEvanette Burrows 267-426-6187
Information Analyst

Jesse DudleyJesse Dudley 267-426-4915
Information Analyst

Jeremy Michel, MDJeremy Michel 215-590-6779
Clinical Informaticist