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Announcing CBMi-Seq Seamless NGS Data Management and Analysis

CBMi-Seq analysis provides primary analysis and management of researchers' next generation sequencing data-from delivery of raw data to sequence assembly, variant detection, annotation, and discovery.

You provide:
Raw whole exome, whole genome, or targeted DNA-Seq data in a standard format

CBMiSeq provides:

  • Alignment of raw sequence data to a reference genome
  • Delivery of variant call files (.vcf files) on a shared drive
  • Storage of aligned data (for 3 months) and .vcf files (permanently)
  • Genomic annotation of aligned data from a variety of sources
  • An automated, quality controlled process to ensure integrity of results
  • Access to project-specific, CHOP-wide, and externally derived variant frequencies
  • Customer service and training for every step of the process

See how it works here.

How Much Is It?
Currently, we are charging $110 per sample run. This fee helps us cover our personnel costs. Special pricing is available for large orders

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