Data Anomalies

Generally accrued clinical data archived in an electronic health record (EHR) is captured in a highly dynamic environment where the focus is decidedly on the health of the patient. In many cases, individual clinicians or specialty teams may enter data in a way that maximizes the care for the patient, but is not the intended "best use" of the system by the developer, a situation that may result in unintended consequences for secondary use of the data such as for research purposes.

The data reporting and management group in DBHi consists of a mix of clinical practitioners and data specialists whose dual knowledge of clinical practice and data modeling help to find and understand areas where data embedded within a certain set of fields in the EHR may not match the intended use by the researcher. Through a collaborative series of dialogues over the entirety of the project, these potential barriers to the appropriate translation of clinical practice to research result can be minimized or removed altogether.

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