Developed by CBMi, Care Assistant provides clinical decision support using a web-service that functions independently of the vendor supplied electronic health record (EHR). It receives real-time data from the EHR, optionally extracts data from other sources, and returns dynamic content back to the EHR for presentation to provide clinicians with complex decision support. It has been successfully implemented within CHOP’s primary care network to deliver an immunization alert tool, asthma care tool, otitis media care tool and, currently in progress, a tool to manage the care of premature infants. At CHOP the Care Assistant has been used within the framework of the EpicCare electronic health record since 2006.

Care Assistant and Immunization:

Using the Care Assistant, clinical reminders for routine childhood vaccinations were programmed to appear prominently whenever any patient encounter was opened within the EHR for a child who was younger than 2 years. The alerts appeared for all clinical staff who interacted with the system during both office visits and telephone care.(Fiks et al. Pediatrics, 2007) After a single year of intervention the immunization completion rate by age 24 months increased from 83% to 91% in an urban setting. Due to the success of these immunization alerts and clinician demand they have been expanded to provide alerts for all children up to age 20 years.

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