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DBHi brings together a variety of data integration analysts and programmers to carry out grant-funded research and development of novel software tools for data-intensive biomedical research.

"Harvest" Program: Integrated Research Databases

DBHi's Harvest program develops tools for building biomedical data discovery applications. Designed by and for biomedical researchers, the Harvest platform offers an elegant web-based interface for integrating, discovering and reporting on data integrated from multiple clinical and research-based sources.

  • Integration of genomic, imaging, research, and clinical endpoints
  • Dynamic query engine with visualizations
  • Hypothesis-driven exploration of data

"Care Assistant" Program: EHR Prompts, Interventions, and Decision Support

DBHi’s Care Assistant program uses web-based software and well-governed, protocol-driven research methods to develop and evaluate clinical decision support and other interventions delivered through the EHR.

Mobile Health Application Development Program

DBHi views mobile technologies as important tools that have great potential to improve the quality of care of our pediatric population.

Visit DBHi's mobile health application gateway to review our currently available apps.

Resource Informatics Programs

DBHi's vision is for centralized, well-governed access to integrated clinical and research data and samples. To that end, the Application Development group is implementing multiple integrated data collection and management systems to support the Research Institute:

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