PHRASE Health, developed by Drs. Marc Tobias and Naveen Muthu at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, launched its first pilot program at Temple University this month. PHRASE Health helps hospitals ensure that clinical decision support in their electronic health record (EHR) system is being used effectively.

PHRASE gives hospitals the ability to track how often EHR clinical decision support tools, such as alerts or order sets, are being used. PHRASE also offers hospitals the ability to drill down into user level interactions. By examining the utilization of clinical decision support, hospitals can identify gaps in decision support quality and look to guideline makers like public health officials as well as high performing institutions like CHOP to improve their decision support content. "Our goal with the software is to decrease the alert burden felt by front-line providers and, ultimately, ensure that patients are receiving the most optimal care possible," said Dr. Tobias.

The initial pilot with Temple will focus on improving the quality of alerts and allow the platform developers to iteratively improve based on user feedback. The prototype version of PHRASE Health was developed by Drs. Tobias and Muthu during their fellowship in Clinical Informatics with the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics at CHOP.

For more information visit PHRASE Health.