As practicing physicians, it didn’t take the Closing the Data Divide Challenge for Drs. Marc Tobias and Naveen Muthi to recognize that the current methods for communicating dynamic and complex public health recommendations could be improved. The Ebola and Zika outbreaks epitomize the changing landscape of new information and recommendations over time. As public health authorities gather information and release new guidelines, clinicians are constantly playing catch up.

How do we best help a clinician provide optimal care to their patients without increasing their workload? Can we establish a bidirectional flow of data and knowledge between public health and clinical workflows? With the Closing the Data Divide Challenge, the Practical Playbook and the de Beaumont Foundation focused on this gap between the public health community and frontline clinicians.

The PHRASE (Population Health Risk Assessment Support Engine) platform is our solution, and we are thrilled to have been chosen as the first place winner of the Closing the Data Divide Challenge. PHRASE eases the burden for healthcare organizations struggling with changing guidelines and creates a platform for public health officials to communicate targeted messages at the point of care. After all, public health officials often have the best information and data about the dangers that face the community.

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