Washington, DC – The “Closing the Data Divide” Virtual Challenge, a nationwide search for technology-based solutions to facilitate data exchange between health care providers and public health agencies, has named a winner: “PHRASE,” or the Population Health Risk Assessment Support Engine. PHRASE was developed by Marc Tobias, MD, and Naveen Muthu, MD, both physicians and Clinical Informatics Fellows at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The Closing the Data Divide Virtual Challenge was jointly sponsored by the de Beaumont Foundation, which seeks to transform the practice of governmental public health, and the Practical Playbook, which works to increase collaboration between public health and primary care.

PHRASE is an electronic health record (EHR)-agnostic system designed to identify at-risk populations and provide clinical decision support to health care providers at the point of care. PHRASE allows for a two-way flow of data: public health provides timely updates about evolving disease and patient risk factors through the system, while clinicians consume these recommendations in the EHR and utilize one-click reporting of disease cases back to the public health department.

A prototype version of PHRASE is already being tested at CHOP with the support of CHOP’s Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the development process has engaged a wide range of partners from both health care and public health, including collaborations with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health.

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