The CBTTC leverages CHOP’s world-class biorepository infrastructure and has worked closely with and partnered its effort with the BioRC to develop an integrated repository infrastructure. The current biorepository laboratory integration and associated workflows were developed in partnership with the BioRC team to manage sample accession, tracking, identification, preparation, fractionation, extraction, and purification of a broad base of specimen types while also providing labeling, sample kits, and automated specimen requests.

Together with the Research Institute and the Department of Biomedical Health and informatics, brain tumor research at CHOP over the past few years has given rise to a new sustainable biospecimen-driven research model and the successful implementation of data-focused infrastructures with programmatic support for 1) research and development, (2) clinical trial platforms, (3) integrated diagnostics, (4) commercial/academic partnerships, (5) cloud-based data environments, (6) patient and foundations engagement, and (7) pediatric-focused educational platforms.

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